Bringing our own Texas grassroots flavor to cycling and sports with community involvement, great local racing, good ride routes and the support of USA Cycling.


Hydration and fair sport

No more skipped water tables, broken water stop truces, carrying your own water for hours. Mandatory feed zones, soigneurs not required.đź’¦


Noon Starts and Family

As long as the day shines on you, you’re Texans. You deserve a good sleep at home, breakfast with your family and come race & ride hard. *until it’s too hot 🔥


Community Involvement

Recon days with roadside trash pick-up, supporting local schools, churches, community centers and USA Cycling Junior racing. ⛪

Dazed and Confused

July 26th, Monday – Lazy Lunes ATX

📸 Photo by @Grossyall

Dazed and Confused

July 19th, Monday – Lazy Lunes ATX

📸 Photo by Joel Rierson

Holland TX GP3

June 6th, Sunday

📸 Photo by Brandon McKinney


Sharing New Bike Life stories .. coming soon

 Holland, Tx


Red Bird Fields

Clean Gravel Crew

Milano, TX

Trek Arlington

Arlington, TX

Arrive one hour before your start time

At a minimum, riders should plan to be at the event for number pick-up one hour prior to their start time. Riders who arrive too close to start times have created delays in starts. We prefer to start on time and registration cut-off times will be posted in event notes and included in event emails.

Stay on track

Download the course maps for your event the day before the event. Test loading the file and do not ask for tech support the morning of the event. Course map links are always included in the EVENT NOTES on BikeReg and in email communications sent after reg closes from info@velofest360.com or mail@bikereg.com.

Holland TX Classic 2021 Heartbreaker Edition interview with Open Men

Dennis Lastochkin takes about the snow sectors and extra motivation for this former Moscow badboy now father, coder and bike racer. And Patrick Breen and Garrett White give insight into the race finish.

Interview by Joel Rierson, the course designer and VeloFest360 event director, just after Dennis’s gritty win in the 68 mile Men’s Open race.

Video by Joel Rierson

Event Promoter / Cyclist / Texas

Strade di Milano 2021 Gravel Fondo interview with Carlson

Chris Carlson gave us some great insight on the race course and why it’s one of the hardest gravel race courses in Texas. Listen in great details on his tire and wheels selection for the Strade di Milano’s tough gravel.

Interview by Joel Rierson, the course designer and VeloFest360 event director, just after Chris’s finish in the 68 mile Men’s Open race.

Video by Jessica Alexander

Professional photographer / Cyclist / Texas


Completed Journeys

Coming Soon Highlights from our Past Events

With six prior editions of the Holland TX Classic, we have extended beyond our groad roots to throw out some new gravel courses ahead in Milano, Hamilton and Milam county. Look for an expanded photo and results archives to be posted here. UNDER CONSTRUCTION 🙂

Holland TX Classic

Strade di Milano

Holland TX Classic

Strade di Milano

FullShutter Media by Emily Barrera

A big thanks to photographers who come out to share their passion for bike life, their professionalism for photography and capture those moments to share with the riders.

Check out photos from the Billy the Kid Gravel Fondo in Hamilton, Texas on January 30, 2021. #billythekidgravel

Check out photos from the Holland TX Classic Finale, the Gouda Groad Series on December 12, 2020. #hollandtxclassic

COVID-19 Event Protocols

Let’s set the tone and keep it simple. Arrive, mask-on, come get your number, keep mask on, prep your gear. Keep mask on, stage for start time & after the start official or after spreading out, masks off. RIDE/RACE & finish, go to car, clean-up, masks on with friends and get home safely, That’s simple, healthy and making a good example for others during a pandemic routine. Trust no one, don’t let covid-19 fatigue allow you to be careless at this event or in your daily life.

Please keep your mask in your pocket. If event staff or volunteers must pick-up riders with mechanicals, you will be expected to put your mask on.

Mandatory Feed Zone Stops

30 second mandatory feed zone stops for good sportsmanship is the rule of the day. Every rider will enter & exit with the same time splits. Don’t ruin your kidneys or body, hydrate like a pro. 

Will there be water provided at the feed zone? 

No, we don’t want snotty finger contact points on community water jugs. Be self-sufficient and bring plenty of water for your event. Plan ahead. Bring extra bottles for teammates (but bleach them prior). Some venues will have water provided, others will not. Race emails will give details about each venue.

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We appreciate the suppport of all our riders, sponsors and supporters who make cycling events happen. Stay connected here.

Panaracer tires on our rims & prizes at our events

Really excited to have Panaracer on board providing us with their tires for prizes at our events and being the tire on board for our recce rides and testing grounds as we create new courses.