We’re excited to have Nuun samples and Nuun fluids in a cooler. Let’s get serious about hydration .. each loop is 22.75 miles so you should drink down 2 bottles per lap or 1 bottle every 30 minutes. Bring 6 bottles for the full 68 miles. The feed zone is at the turn around with a slow 180 to encourage proper hydration to grab bottles and go. I’d recommend leaving a cooler along the fence, drop 2 bottles and grab 2 fresh bottles and pedal out. The Nuun sample will only cover 1 bottle, so you might want to buy some Nuun on Friday. Insulated water bottles are the best since colder fluids also keep your core temperature down. Mark your bottles with a Sharpie and we’ll rake up the feed zone so you can get your bottles back afterwards. You can fill up your bottles at the coolers but don’t count on your fellow riders to wait on your time to fill if you’re in race mode. Camelbaks are another option but don’t jet off through the feed zone if you’re in Camelbak mode. Be a good sport and respect good hydration for all riders. Don’t skip the feed zone on the first lap .. that’s just a poor choice that you will pay for in the end. Let the real race take place on the course not in the feed zone. Gels vs bars vs blocks .. hopefully you know your body and what works. Personally I’d recommend 2 Clif Blocks total and 2 gels per lap. If you’re old school .. a flat Coke bomb might be something that you’ve prepped for your last lap boost. 

Thanks again to Nuun for their support and be a smart athlete and treat your body like a temple. Use your watch to remind you to drink. And pro tip .. big gulps are better for your body .. read up on this and why .. it’s really cool science. 

If you got that cooler setup, consider stashing an ice sock to put under your jersey on the top of your back for lap 2 and/or 3. A thin sock or long medical sock is a good setup. A plastic bag of ice will stick to your skin and build up heat after the ice has melted. 

Wash your sunglasses with Dawn and dry them prior. Leave a dry rag or mini towel to wipe down your sunglasses in the feed zone. Applying extra sunblock spray or cream is up to you as well.