About Us

Event promotions that emerged from a pandemic with a desire to do something local, challenging and benefit local communities through healthy sports in our style.

Memorable Places

Blessed with the beauty of Texas and weaving back roads and country venues, we couldn’t be luckier.

Amazing Squad

Building promotions with liked minded people produces great results & allowed us to change the field.

Sweet Prizes

Texas brand loyalty, natural healthy foods & drinks, inspiring tech companies, local spirits, swag life is strong here for our participants.

Texas History

Historical hand-painted churches of Texas, routes traveled by early settlers, let us take you there.

Clean Gravel Crew recce day in Milano, TX

A better way to say thank you for sharing the back roads of Texas with us, we’ll leave things nicer after our visits. We did three gravel rides in Milano, TX starting here with a test ride with trash pick-up as our warm-up session. Coffee by Meteor Cafe and Stroopwafels by the Stroop Club got us going. Crew transport by Life by Spot. These events benefitted the Owen & Dorothy Knight Memorial Scholarship for Milano ISD students.


Who We Are

Joel Rierson

Internet Marketing and IT Developer directed his skills with a passion in sport to go grassroots for a new path.

Jessica Alexander

Pro photographer and spirit behind the “Last Lap” where we ride after each event to celebrate the day.

Nelo Breda

Former international elite cyclist, event director, coach and trainer. Nelo is a valuable asset to our team.

Andrew Martin

Untapped Cat 3 racer who stakes out each course, races the day when he can and helps plot our next adventures.


Our Mission & Vision

Build more events & new courses

We put on 16 events from Nov 2020 to May 2021 in only 6 counties out of 254 in Texas, so clearly we have some counties ahead of us. Texas has more groad, gravel and road events ahead. We had a tiny reset and we’re ready for more.

Tiny towns in Texas

We appreciate the beauty and simplicity of putting on events in small towns in Texas. We make donations to our host cities towards their schools and churches. The multiplier effect in small towns is greater and we’re motivated on our path.

USA Cycling is our home

Even though we’re grassroots now, we want to grow within our sport and stay connected with USA Cycling. Other promoters go for cheaper cost angles, but we want to support the people who both represent our country in races and the people who work at USA Cycling.

USA Cycling Juniors

If there is no road racing, where will the next Texas pros emerge? We support Junior racing and we have connected with great sponsors like Houston Fish Law who share our spirit.

Our Sponsors

The amazing list of sponsors who have supported us organically is incredible. We have been focused as a team on growing our portfolio, putting on many new events and we knew that all this work would connect us with great companies. And it has!

The Churches of Texas

While searching for smaller rural roads, we found Praha, Texas and St. Mary’s Church of the Assumption was kind enough to host us for our new course. The church was built in 1895 and was a cornerstone for the Czech immigrants who settled Texas in the nineteenth century. We have built more events around these churches and we look forward to sharing the beauty of these churches with our athletes and staff.

  • Penelope, TX – March 20, 2021 (Czech Catholic Church, Hill County)
  • Praha, TX – April 3, 2021 (Czech Catholic Church, Fayette County)
  • High Hill, TX – May 2, 2021 (German Catholic Church, Fayette County)
  • Ammannsville, TX – May 8, 2021 (Czech Catholic Church, Fayette County)