April 6th 2019, Saturday – Holland TX Classic OFFICIAL RACE & RIDE DAY!

April 6th 2019 will be the big launch for our new challenging gravel and road 22 mile circuit starting in Holland, Texas. Gravel sections are fast and smooth, so skinny gravel or road bikes are acceptable. Course will be marked but riders are expected to self-maintain their own tires, tubes and equipment.

Location: Holland High School, 100 Rose St, Holland, TX 76534
Course Map: Holland TX Classic on Strava Courses
Entry Fee: $5 (18+under) $20 (non-elite) $25 (elite)

OPEN MEN/WOMEN: 12:00pm HIGH NOON – 66 miles (3 laps)
CASH PRIZES: $300 1st place, $150 2nd place, $75 3rd place
Equal pay-out for men and women provided minimium field of 25 riders per category is achieved. Payout will be adjusted at promotor’s discretion if field limits are not met for either open men or open women. 

AGE GRADED 40+ MEN: 12:07pm – 66 miles (3 laps)
AWARDS: 3 places each for men (field minium of 5)
This is a unique race, since this is a rare age graded only start to allow the old guys to duke it out under their own crusty steam without getting buried too hard by the young guns.

2 LAP HEROS WOMEN: 12:15pm – 44 miles (2 laps)
AWARDS: 3 places each for women (field minium of 5)
We’re looking forward to seeing the best of the ladies battle it out for the gravel podium. Tulips, stroopwafels and Gouda to the top 3.

2 LAP HEROS MEN: 12:15pm – 44 miles (2 laps)
Pre-registered riders will receive a Holland Classic commerative patch.
Let’s get physical but we understand that you might want to knock out a good 44 miles and bounce. This is where the real fun and banter takes place.

1 LAP HEROS: 12:15pm – 22 miles (1 lap)
Pre-registered riders will receive a Holland Classic commerative patch.
We welcome all, and if you’ve got one lap in you, then please join us! 

Proceeds will be benefit the Holland High School Scholarship Fund.

Hydration partner NUUN will be providing electrolytes at registration! Clif bars also available to all pre-registered riders. The feedzone will be setup at the 180 turn around at the High School parking lot, so riders can setup their own bottles or fill up at the Nuun neutral hytration station.