Grass track velodrome – different mindset to outside is free

March 22, 2020 AUSTIN, TEXAS – Outside is free – yeah that was never really the case, but to hipsters it sounded cool. Cars are coffins, cars also put cyclists in coffins when they are on their cell phones or driving like idiots. Random solo or group ride crashes on the roads can also happen. Given the current Covid-19 situtation, we have to be consistent socially with what is going on. Cyclists on group rides will probably look like teens at spring break partying without a care. Caring about others and not hoarding toilet paper should be a concern. And I am finally raising the white flag of social distancing, but I still would like to go outside while I can, ride my bike at night after work and surrender group rides for awhile.

I created my grass track velodrome last week with a local biker buddy who helped me string it out and burn it in just by pedaling around. I thought it would be fun to do laps with 10 of my friends (the current Texas social gathering limit), but even that number now seems unwise. But I’m happy to share my kinda secret location at different hours, or encourage others to make their own grass tracks locally. And when we’re allowed to do group rides again, we might circle back to the good old days and try out some Madison’s, Miss-n-Outs, Team Pursuits, Scratch and Points races on grass tracks.

Check out my page on making your own Grass Track Instructable.