JUNE 6, 2021, Holland, Texas

Holland TX GP3

June 5th, 2021, Saturday Meteor

5:00-7:00pm Early Registration Payment & Number Pick-up

Sign waivers, register, pay, get a number if you don’t have a Driveway number. CASH or VENMO. Meet here the day before race day, The Meteor Cafe on South Congress 2110 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704

June 6th, 2021, Sunday Holland TX

8:00-8:45am Registration Payment & Check-in

REG NOW & PAY RACE DAY. Racers register now. Then just check-in and pay at Meteor on Saturday 5-7pm or pay on race day. No BikeReg fees, CASH or VENMO.

Re-use your DRIVEWAY SERIES number at Holland TX GP3 – Andrew Willis said OK – be green and pin your DRIVEWAY NUMBERS on the LEFT and HIGH for camera. If you forget or don’t have a DRIVEWAY number, we’ll have paper numbers on race day for you.

Parking lot next to S. Hackberry St. and next to the Holland ISD’s track and field. Bathrooms are available onsite at the gym. Please come prepared and bring coolers, extra water bottles and your own fluids.

Next what makes a good road race? A big field helps. So we’re doing 1 big road race each (Open & Women waves only) and 2 different price points. The top guns are in for $45 PAY TO PLAY. And we have lower fees for our $25 SPARRING PARTNERS . We need you to drive the speed “en mass”. And if you get blown out, just race amongst your peers.

9:00am Open 72 mile Road Race – 4 laps $500 top 3

30 second mandatory feed zone stop at end of laps 2 and 3 (TWO FEEDS). Sprint finish at end of 4.

9:10am Women 36 mile Road Race – 2 laps $500 top 3

Women will start at 9:00am with the Open category if the minimum of 12 riders is not met.

Strava Course – 1 lap 18 miles of Holland TX Grand Prix Road Course


TERMS & CONDITIONS OF PAYOUT: We will score top 20 by video, so please place numbers on the left and upper back sideways. No timing chips, sorry. Payout is based on 25 riders registered and paid in at the PAY TO PLAY $45 price point. If below 25 PAY TO PLAY rider count, 50% of paid in goes to prize pool (minus $5 insurance per rider deducted). SPARRING PARTNER registrations will cover overhead, permit fees, staff and donation to the school. Can a Sparring Partner get top 3 and get paid? YES, it’s a race, but we’ll garnish your payout by 50% since you didn’t pay into the race kitty.


AVAILABLE: Read up on USA Cycling Road Points Upgrades – it is policy that points may be scored in 3 Grand Fondos towards your upgrades from NOVICE to CAT 4 and CAT 4 to CAT3. See link above to see how many points you can score.

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