Holland TX Classic Podium Etiquette – COVID-19 EDIT

OK so you made the podium at the Holland TX Classic, the same guidelines shall apply at recon day or the official race day. We had our official race jury round up the top tips, so that the event photo looks so pro even Dylan Groenewegen or Tom Dumoulin will be proud.

  1. GOLD, SILVER & BRONZE. Podium is top 3 only places.
  2. BRAND LOYALTY. Wear your team kit. We’ll be efficient and speedy for awards. Clean podium shoes or race shoes are best.
  3. CLEAN UP. Wear your trucker hat, align your sunglasses, zip up that jersey. Wash your face, hands and legs. Swap out for clean bibs and long sleeve jersey if you can. NO jeans, shorts, jean shorts or tights* (unless it’s winter edition – then leg warners or team tights).
  4. DOGS, CATS AND BABIES ALLOWED. Only for the winner. No nieces or nephews. And you can only pick one of the following under 20lbs: a dog, baby or cat. No fat cats, sorry. We’re not letting you highjack the podium.
  5. NICE & EVEN. Winner’s hands up, 2nd and 3rd one hand on behind the back (but not touching) back of winner and outer hand up. Smiles are encouraged – under your masks. It’s OK if didn’t win and don’t want to smile, afterall you just got a proper beat down at the Holland TX Classic. Yeah we’re gonna mask up for podium as is the Covid-19 fashion.
  6. NO PODIUM BIKES. It’s just not going to be tolerated here.
  7. DON’T MAKE OUT WITH THE PODIUM GIRL. (podium grid models have fallen out of fashion, goodbye 80’s) Lily has a mini army of followers on Instagram, so behave or her fans will unleash on your social media and sponsors. Covid-19 says what? yeah not happening. The proper number of cheek kisses is 3 in the Netherlands.
  8. NO HYDRATION PACKS shall be worn on the podium. Sorry CamelBak.
  9. NO HELMETS shall be worn on the podium.
  10. SKINNY LENS, PHOTOSHOP WORK MAY BE NECESSARY. If you’re carrying some extra winter timber but still crushed it; we’ll consider enhancing your podium photo, since it’s still early season. The 2018 Poteet Strawberry King has been known to put on some extra timber in winter and he’s going really well right now.